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1026 Bridge Road  |  Charleston, WV 25314


Always Searching for the Passionate Coffee Lover Mixiture of roasted Coffee Made in Italy with Love A UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE TASTE, WITH A TYPICAL ITALIAN FLAVOR.      
To start your day in the very best way, wake up with Caffe Romeo. We are anauthentic Italian coffee company that provides the best blends of traditional flavor and heart in our  product. We take pride in providing the true experience of a traditional espresso from Naples, Italy. All products and packaging are recycable and biodegradable, as we want  to be part of the movement to respect our beautiful planet earth. Our easy to use espresso machine makes it a simple experience to enjoy the most superb and delicious coffee, quick and easy, without losing the great flavor of a professional coffee shop. Do it yourself! Buon Caffe!
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