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Carriage Trail

The Sunrise Carriage Trail gently zigzags 0.65 mile and descends 180 feet from the Sunrise Mansion located at 746 Myrtle Road to Justice Row, which is adjacent to the south end of the Southside Bridge. The Trail property is a peaceful and varied landscape of towering trees, wildflowers, ornamental plantings, and historic masonry remains. The Carriage Trail was originally constructed in approximately 1905 by former Governor William A. MacCorkle for the use of oxen-drawn wagons carrying massive stone building materials for the Mansion. Later, Governor MacCorkle used the Trail for his horse-drawn carriage.


The property surrounding the Trail, nearly 12 acres, was donated to the City of Charleston by the Farmer, Cline & Campbell law firm when the firm purchased and renovated Sunrise Mansion. It is maintained and improved by the City, thanks to a generous bequest by Richard and Celeste Ayre. The Ayre Fund is administered by the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. The Charleston Land Trust and its Carriage Trail Subcommittee manage the Sunrise Carriage Trail to preserve it as a forested haven, a protective environment for plants and birds, and a quiet place of beauty for walking and contemplation, where history is preserved and honored.


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 Jessica Isner Photography

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